Traves Software

No Longer available

Welcome to the world of alligators, the living dinosaurs of today.

View incredible up-close images as you easily navigate through twenty screens transporting you into the wild with amazing photographs.

Tap the text to hear fascinating facts.

Designed for kids as an introduction to reptiles (not a field guide).

Also an excellent enrichment for Special Education and learning English as a second language.

Find out...

Where do alligators live?

How big can they get?

What do they eat?

How do they swim?

All that and more!


To start and stop background music, tap the hat button on the far left and use the volume slider to adjust volume.

To hear text, tap on the text to start and stop. For text audio volume use the volume control on the side of your iPad.

To go from screen to screen, tap each picture icon which mirrors each screen image.


More screen shots...


Double-click to edit text, or drag to move.